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'These bones tell a story'

Megan Brickley, McMaster anthropologist in the Hamilton Spectator...
'These bones tell a story'

Hamilton Spectator Article snapshot: photography by Ron Albertson/The Hamilton Spectator

British anthropologist Megan Brickley doesn't own a television set and cringes at the thought of being compared with the fictional forensic sleuth Temperance Brennan from the popular television series Bones.

Nor has the McMaster University professor read any of Kathy Reichs's

13 novels which inspired the Brennan character and formed the basis for the television series.

While Brickley may not relate to the fictional heroine, she has quite a lot in common professionally with Reichs, who is also a professor in real life and widely published in the field of forensic anthropology.

Like Reichs, Brickley tries to unravel the mysteries of the past by examining human bones for evidence of disease, gunshots and other trauma.

In 2000, Brickley's forensic sleuthing took her to the killing fields full article here:

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