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Social Sciences Awards Assembly for Student Achievements -- Caroline Fram

Caroline Fram, a 3rd year Labour Studies student, was recognized on the Dean’s Honour List, and she received The Dr. Harry Lyman Hooker Scholarship and The Larry Sefton Scholarship at the Social Sciences Awards Assembly for Student Achievements Wednesday evening.
Social Sciences Awards Assembly for Student Achievements -- Caroline Fram

Caroline Fram -- a 3rd year Labour Studies student.

Name: Caroline Fram

Year and Department: 3rd year Labour Studies student

Receiving: Dean’s Honour List, The Dr. Harry Lyman Hooker Scholarship, The Larry Sefton Scholarship

Future plans: A career that fulfills Caroline’s interests of research and writing.


When the local steelworkers union, USW Local 1005, were picketing against changes to their pension benefits, Caroline Fram was organizing a BBQ and a concert for the picketers, and dropping by with a group of her friends to show solidarity and try and cheer up their spirits. Though Fram is a local community activist with a particular interest in labour issues, this cause is especially close to her heart, as her father worked for Stelco for 40 years. It could have been him she was visiting on the picket line.

Most recently, Caroline was in London to rally with thousands of other passionate individuals for the London Day of Action Against Corporate Greed. After the rally, a small group marched to the picket line where a few hundred people gathered to support the locked out workers.

She’s also involved with the Occupy McMaster movement and will be leading a workshop on Anti-Oppression in the Occupy McMaster space in MUSC. This workshop will also be presented to the Social Justice Society at Mohawk of which Caroline was the founding president. 

Caroline, who came to McMaster after completing a two-year diploma in General Arts and Science at Mohawk College, admires the cooperative atmosphere the School of Labour Studies fosters. “It’s a smaller program, so you get to know the professors”, Caroline said.

Caroline emphasizes the importance of having good mentors to help push you towards your future goals. She also encourages students to rely on each other to ensure first year is not an alienating experience. 

Take a broad spectrum of classes and maintain a balance between your classes, your readings and assignments, and your life outside the classroom, Caroline said. 

“To benefit the most from your university experience, find what you’re passionate about and what you love to do. It will only help you succeed.”

                            - Article by Natalie Paddon, Faculty of Social Sciences / First Generation Student Media Relations Officer


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