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Graduate Program

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Graduate Program

Our Department is a superb place to do both Master's and Doctoral work. It is large enough to offer the range of specialized seminars needed for strong graduate-level training, and small enough for students and faculty to experience the type of intellectual interaction, supervision, and research collaboration that makes graduate work exciting!

Our program offers students the opportunity to experience and learn a range of theoretical perspectives, and our Department's excellent record of ongoing active externally-funded research along with its longstanding commitment to rigorous training in research methods provides graduate students with an opportunity to develop outstanding analytical and research skills that are invaluable in scholarly and applied contexts. Most of our graduate students are offered a teaching assistantship, providing an opportunity to develop teaching skills and to help finance their studies.

At the Master's level we offer two different MA degrees: Political Science, International Relations.

At the Doctoral level we offer specialized programs in Comparative Public Policy and International Relations. There are also many opportunities for studying topics at the intersection of these two doctoral fields, such as the internationalization of public policy or developments in global governance.

Application to the program is highly competitive, with approximately one in ten applications being successful. The doctoral program is designed to equip graduates to conduct research and teach at the university level in comparative public policy or international relations. Students will also be trained in another field such as Canadian politics, comparative politics, public policy or international relations. Students may also wish to combine public policy and international relations by working in an area of departmental expertise - the internationalization of public policy. Prospective students interested in the topic of globalization are encouraged to participate in the activities of the Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition.

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