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D Ann Herring

D Ann Herring


CNH 511
Office Phone: 905-525-9140 ext. 23915


  1. PhD Toronto, 1988


Research & Supervisory Interests

My primary research interests center on the anthropology of infectious disease.  This involves studying the biosocial circumstances that give rise to epidemics and facilitate their spread from place to place,  as well as the biosocial processes that ensue from the disease experience.  I’m interested in the way populations and societies – past and present – are transformed by epidemics and in the ways in which patterns of health and disease change through time.  My work straddles the Department’s strengths in the anthropology of health, human biology, ethnohistory and the anthropology of death. 

Much of my current research focuses on the determinants of health in Canada, with a particular emphasis on 19th and 20th century epidemics (especially influenza and tuberculosis), nutrition, and environmental health.



Courses (2013-14)

Fall - ANTHROP 2U03 - Plagues and People


Winter - ANTHROP 3H03 - Anthropological Demography

Winter - ANTHROP 4S03 - The Anthropology of Infectious Disease

Courses (2012-13)

Fall - On research leave

Winter - Anthro 2U03 - Plagues and People

Winter - Anthro 3H03 - Anthropological Demography



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